This is an overview of the course in Computer Assisted Language Learning (in Swedish Datorstödd Språkinlärning) that will be taught in the Autumn term of 1997 at the department of Linguistics at the University of Uppsala. There is a page for this course on World Wide Web at the address:

The course will be given by Erik Tjong Kim Sang. I can be reached in room B382, HSC building, Kyrkogårdgatan 10, Uppsala, telephone (018) 4711175, e-mail


Because of the small number of students there will be no lectures this year. Instead the students will have individual meetings with the teacher. The students will work on an individual CALL project and write a report about this project of at least 20 pages. The report will receive a grade between 0 and 10 points. A mark of 6.0 or higher is necessary to receive the pass mark for the course. In order to receive the well pass mark for the course the student will have to get a grade of 9.0 or higher.


The course will provide among others an introduction to JavaScript. Recommended but nonobligatory material for that part of the course is:


Last update: December 08, 1997.