Dokumenthantering VT97

This is an overview of the course Text Processing (in Swedish: Dokumenthantering) that is being taught in the Winter term of 1997 at the department of Linguistics at the University of Uppsala.

The goal of the course is to give the students an introduction in document processing from the perspective of someone that has to manage a large collection of documents from different sources.

You can take a look at summaries of the results of the evaluation forms of this edition of the course: the midcourse evaluation and the final evaluation


Because of the limited number of students in this course the schedule will be determined by the students and the teacher during the course.

       date time  room  subject
 1. to 0602 14-16 B382  Character Encoding
 2. ti 1102 10-12 B382  Text formats 1
 3. ti 1802 10-12 B382  Text formats 2
 4. on 2602 14-16 B382  Simple Text Processing
 5. må 0303 09-11 B382  Advanced Text Processing
 6. fr 0703 10-12 B382  Storage of Texts 1
 7. må 1703 09-11 B382  Storage of Texts 2
 8. to 2703 10-12 B382  Storage of Texts 3
 9. ti 0804 10-12 B382  Storage of Texts 4
10. ti 1504 10-12 B382  Storage of Texts 5
11. to 1704 10-11 B382  Storage of Texts 6
12. on 2105 10-11 B382  Wrap-up class

The students will make different small practical exercises and one large practical exercise. For each of the exercises they will receive a grade between 0 and 10. In order to pass the course the student will have to obtain an average grade of at least 6.0 for the small exercises and at least 6.0 for the large exercise. In order to get VG the student will have to obtain an average of at least 8.0 for all exercises while neither the average of the small exercises nor the grade of the large exercise is lower than 7.0. In the computation of the total average the grade of the large exercise will take a 50% weight.


Literature for this course will be taken from different sources. The most important are:

Neither Wall 92 nor Witten 94 is compulsory.

Last update: November 17, 1997.