Software Access Instructions

These are the instructions for accessing the visualizations described in the paper Visualizing Literary Data, by Erik Tjong Kim Sang:

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Click on login at the right of the top menu
  3. Complete the login procedure, you need a university account for this
  4. Click on zoeken (search), the second item from the left in the top menu
  5. Click on zoeken in tekst (search in text), the top item under the top menu
  6. Enter a word in the window under al deze woorden (all these words), for example churchill
  7. Click on the button zoek (search)
  8. When the results are presented, click on the button bewaren als corpus (save as corpus)
  9. Next, click on vergelijken (compare), the right-most option of the second horizontal menu
  10. A new item appears under that menu: CLARIN-NL De Gids: click on it
  11. The visualizations will now be generated. This takes about a minute. To the left you will see visualizations corresponding to your query. To the right visualizations related to all available editions of the magazine De Gids.

You can visualize query results you saved earlier via mijn nederlab (my nederlab), bekijk (examine; button appears when you hoover over the corpus title), vergelijken (compare) and CLARIN-NL De Gids.

If you have questions about this, please contact erikt(at)

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