Språkdatabaser VT96

This is an overview of the course Language Databases (in Swedish: Språkdatabaser) that was taught in the Winter term of 1996 at the department of Linguistics at the University of Uppsala. You can take a look at summaries of the results of the midcourse evaluation and the final evaluation.


       date time  room  subject
 1. må 1803 12-14 B125  Lecture: SGML
 2. on 2003 12-14 B125  Lecture: TEI, TEI Lite
 3. fr 2203 12-14 B125  Lecture: Introduction to Databases: ch1,ch2
 4. må 2503 10-12 B125  Lecture: Relational Databases: ch3,ch4,ch5
 5. ti 2603!10-12 B139  Lecture: Relational Operators 1: ch6
 6. fr 2903 10-12 B125  Lecture: Relational Operators 2: ch7, project 
 7. må 0104 12-14 B125  Lecture: SQL: ch8,ch9
 8. ti 0204 12-14 B125  Lecture: Normalization: ch10,ch11
 9. to 0404 12-14 B125  Lecture: Object oriented databases 1: ch22-25
10. ti 0904 12-14 B125  Lecture: Language Databases 1
11. to 1104 12-14 B125  Lecture: Language Databases 2, project
12. ti 1604 12-14 B125  Test
13. må 2204 10-12 H327  Practical Session, project
14. on 2404 10-12 H327  Practical Session
15. to 2504 10-12 H327  Practical Session
16. må 0605 10-12 H327  Practical Session, project
17. on 0805 10-12 H327  Practical Session
18. to 0905 10-12 H327  Practical Session
19. må 1305 10-12 H327  Practical Session, project
20. ti 1405 10-12 H327  Practical Session
21. on 1505 10-12 H327  Practical Session
22. må 2005 10-12 H327  Practical Session, project
23. on 2205 10-12 H327  Practical Session
24. to 2305 10-12 H327  Practical Session

The parts in the schedule marked with project indicate project meetings. In the theoretical part of the course these meetings will take place at the second hour of the last class in odd weeks. In the practical part of the course the project meetings will take place in the first hour of the first class of each week.

The course will contain a general introduction to database theory, SGML and TEI and present an overview of some existing language databases. The second half of the course will be devoted to a practical project in which students will build a multilingual text database. The students will be graded on basis of the work they have done in this project and their results in a small written test to test their theoretical knowledge.

Students will receive a grade between 0 and 10 for the project and the half-course written test. To pass this course the student will have to get a grade of 6.0 or higher for the project and a grade of 6.0 or higher for the test. In order to receive the high pass grade the student should obtain an average for the two grades of 8.0 or higher while neither the project grade (which counts twice when determining the average) nor the grade for the half-course written test is lower than 7.0.


In this course we will deal with parts of:

Futhermore we will use material about SGML (Introduction/General), TEI and TEI Lite which is available on the web.

Other useful links are:

You can also try the main web search engines for finding more information. Possible search strings for Alta-Vista: title:"A B" in which A is one of language, linguistic, text and textual and B is one of database and databases.

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