Språkdatabaser VT97

This is an overview of the course Language Databases (in Swedish: Språkdatabaser) that will been taught in the Winter term of 1997 at the department of Linguistics at the University of Uppsala. There is a page for this course on World Wide Web at the address:


The course will be given by Erik Tjong Kim Sang. I can be reached in room B382, HSC building, Kyrkogårdgatan 10, Uppsala, telephone (018) 181175, e-mail erikt@stp.ling.uu.se

You can take a look at summaries of the results of the midcourse evaluation and the final evaluation.


The schedule mentions date, time and location of the lectures. All lectures will be given in the HSC building. The subject in each lecture has been indicated by section numbers from the course book by Date and others.

       date time  room  subject
 1. fr 0404 13-15 A138  Lecture: Ch 1-2.
 2. fr 1104 13-15 A138  Lecture: Ch 3-4.
 3. må 1404 10-12 B105  Lecture: Ch 5-6.
 4. fr 1804 13-15 A156  Lecture: Ch 6.
 5. må 2104 10-12 B138  Lecture: Ch 6-7.
 6. fr 2504 13-15 A156  Lecture: Ch 9-10 (skip Ch 8).
 7. må 2804 10-12 B105  Lecture: Ch 10-11.
 8. ti 2904 10-12 B125  Lecture: SGML, TEI, TEI Lite
 9. ti 2904 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
10. ti 0605 10-12 A122  Lecture: Ch 22,25 (skip Ch 23,24,25.4).
11. fr 0905 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
12. ti 1305 10-12 B125  Lecture: Language Databases 1
13. ti 1305 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
14. ti 2005 10-12 B125  Lecture: Language Databases 2
15. ti 2005 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
16. on 2105 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups, orginally 1605) 
17. fr 2305 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
18. ti 2705 10-12 A110  Test
19. ti 2705 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
20. fr 3005 13-17 H327  Lab (two groups)
    to 1906 10-12 A128  Extra test 1
    to 0828 10-12 A128  Extra test 2

This course has no obligatory sessions

The following material is available for people that want to practice for the test there:

Lab assignments

In this class the students will make two lab assignments:

  1. Create a bilingual aligned corpus encoded in TEI SGML.
  2. Design and implement a part of a language database.

In the first assignment students will work in pairs and produce a bilingual text from material which will be made available in class. The text will contain approximately 1500 words per language and will be encoded in TEI conformant SGML with the aid of software. After this the bilingual text will be sentence aligned and checked. The purpose of this assignment is learning to work with SGML and alignment software and developing text material which can be used in the second lab assignment. The output of this assignment will be the bilingual text. No report needs to be written for this task.

In the second assignment students will use the knowledge they have obtained from the theoretical sessions for designing and implementing part of a language database. As working material for implementing the database they can use the text material developed by the class in the first assignment. That corpus will contain tags for sentences and structures that are larger than sentences. Most alternatives for the second lab assignment deal with designing word level tag structures. For this second assignment a report has to be written. This report will partly determine the grade for the course.


Students will receive a grade between 0 and 10 for the project and the written test. To pass this course the student will have to get a grade of 6.0 or higher for the project and a grade of 6.0 or higher for the test. In order to receive the high pass grade the student should obtain an average for the two grades of 8.0 or higher while neither the project grade (which counts twice when determining the average) nor the grade for the written test is lower than 7.0. The student is supposed to have finished the first lab assignment in order to earn a grade for this course. However no grade will be assigned to this first lab assignment.


In this course we will deal with parts of:

Furthermore we will use material about SGML (Gentle Introduction/General Information), TEI and TEI Lite which is available on the web.

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