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Belgian Celebrities Quiz

Edition: Thursday March 21, 2019

Welcome to the Belgian Celebrities Quiz at ifarm.nl! Can you identify these ten famous Belgians?

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Good luck!


Vincent Rousseau
Herman Van Molle
Johan Op De Beeck
Mark Uytterhoeven
Mark Eyskens
* None of the above *

Daniella Somers
Véronique De Kock
Goedele Liekens
Dina Tersago
Wendy Van Wanten
* None of the above *

Rik Van Steenbergen
Carl Huybrechts
Louis Michel
Jacques Vermeire
Axel Merckx
* None of the above *

Eddy Merckx
King Albert
Wim De Vilder
Paul Vanden Boeynants
Jacques Brel
* None of the above *

Isabelle Durant
Dominique Van Roost
Gella Vandecaveye
Roos Van Acker
Ulla Werbrouck
* None of the above *

Karl Vannieuwkerke
Helmut Lotti
Paul Marchal
Briek Schotte
Bart Peeters
* None of the above *

Louis Neefs
Emile Mpenza
Harry Van Barneveld
King Boudewijn
Filip Dewinter
* None of the above *

King Leopold II
Lieven Van Gils
Frank Vandenbroucke
Peter Van Petegem
Geert Hoste
* None of the above *

Robbe De Hert
Jan Ceulemans
Paul D'Hoore
Louis Paul Boon
Hugo Camps
* None of the above *

Jonathan Nsenga
Marc Van Peel
Jo De Meyere
Gaston Roelants
* None of the above *

Many of these images have appeared in the magazine Humo. Others have been collected from various web sources. Use the submission form for notifying us about famous Belgians we might have forgotten to include here. Background information on some of these Belgian celebrities can be found at the Famous Belgians page by Marc Tielemans and at the Belgian government site. You might also want to take a look at the Famous Belgians list.
Last update: Thursday March 21, 2019. erikt(at)xs4all.nl