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Internet Tour de France Game 2015

The Internet Tour de France Game 2015 is a free competition organized on the Internet in which participants attempt to predict the results of the stages of the cycling race Tour de France 2015. Each participant selects a team of 15 cyclists and the team members earn points when they finish in the top 10 of a stage. The participant with the team that collects the largest number of points after the Tour de France is the winner of this game.

The Tour de France of 2015 started on Saturday July 4 in Utrecht, The Netherlands and finishes on Sunday July 26 in Paris. The race contains an individual time trial, a team time trial, 19 regular stages and two rest days. Information about this event can be obtained from the official site.

Stage results

Winner stage 3: Erik TKS (The Netherlands)

  1. Stage 3: July 6, 2015: Top 100 | All results | Search results
  2. Stage 2: July 5, 2015
  3. Stage 1: July 4, 2015

External links

If you know an interesting site that is relevant for the Tour de France you can mail the address to erikt(at)

Major Cycling Sites

Other important cycling races

The 2014 Vuelta was won by Contador while Kwiatkowski took the 2014 world road title.

Tour de France information

Other Cycling Games in 2015

More links to fantasy cycling games can be found at and A1 Boulevard (under Tourpools and Tour toto's).

People that want to organize their own game and need software can try the Tour software of Rene Zuidgeest (for Windows, in Dutch).

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06/07/2015 23:30
bjorn fuhlendorf
could my team please be re-entered so i can beat dad again
06/07/2015 19:11
sander denters
et merci [smile]
06/07/2015 17:39
sander denters
i do realise 3x denters might be suspect; no doping however
06/07/2015 17:37
sander denters
would it perhaps be possible to re-enter my squad?
05/07/2015 23:48
erik tks
results of stage 9 (team trial) will not be used in the game
05/07/2015 16:58
arnaud le ny
could u confirm that stage 9 won't be incorporated in the game ?
04/07/2015 19:15
erik tks
@peter bruning: we use two initials for them: se and sy
04/07/2015 11:13
remco van veenendaal
looking forward to another great tdf game - my 20th edition!
04/07/2015 10:41
peter bruning
how do you distinguish between sebastien ans sylvain chavanel?
04/07/2015 00:11
tez watson
looking forward to this year's tour and the tdf game...
02/07/2015 23:56
erik tks
corrected, thanks, will accept both name variants of greipel
30/06/2015 21:10
lan ternroosh
a. greipl in cyclist list. do i submit greipel or greipl?
26/06/2015 17:14
26/06/2015 16:47
christopher yaure
your game is a highlight of july every year
26/06/2015 03:57
jim green
[worshippy] here we go
26/06/2015 00:58
ok erik!
25/06/2015 22:41
a.b. glah
25/06/2015 11:28
ross ogilvie
thank you yet again erik.
25/06/2015 10:11
erik tks
game on! [coool]
24/06/2015 22:37
2015-game would be lovely; summer equals winter without this
24/06/2015 22:15
dick howard
let us know if no game this year?