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Internet Tour de France Game 2016

The Internet Tour de France Game 2016 is a free competition organized on the Internet in which participants attempt to predict the results of the stages of the cycling race Tour de France 2016. Each participant selects a team of 15 cyclists and the team members earn points when they finish in the top 10 of a stage. The participant with the team that collected the largest number of points after the Tour de France is the winner of this game.

The Tour de France of 2016 starts on Saturday July 2 in Mont-Saint-Michel and finishes on Sunday July 24 in Paris. The race contains two individual time trials, 19 regular stages and two rest days. Information about this event can be obtained from the official site.

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If you know an interesting site that is relevant for the Tour de France you can mail the address to erikt(at)

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The 2015 Vuelta was won by Aru while Sagan took the 2015 world road title.

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28/06/2016 20:38
besten streed
nice, too see many familiar names already entered teams
24/06/2016 22:02
christopher yaure
btw - the link to all time top scores appears broken
24/06/2016 22:01
christopher yaure
erik - thanks for riunning this again. makes the tour more fun
24/06/2016 09:31
paul evans
hoping to finish on the podium again this year [biggrin] tks eric !!
22/06/2016 13:45
yessss [worshippy]
22/06/2016 10:50
thanks again erik.
18/06/2016 11:56
erik tks
game on! [coool]
15/06/2016 18:14
asral dirts
when will 2016 version be available?
07/06/2016 16:15
simon white
looking forward to the 2016 edition, eric!
27/07/2015 10:59
karsten sorst
many thanks, eric. i expect joyfully the next edition.
27/07/2015 05:54
cameron henderson
thanks again erik. the best game out there. well done paul.
27/07/2015 00:58
jos droste
thx erik for another perfect edition!
26/07/2015 23:52
nico wienders
nice year french mates. congratulations.