Language Technology Project 2006

The Language Technology Project 2006 was a Masters course at the University of Amsterdam in the third part of the first semester (January/February 2006). The course was supervised by Erik Tjong Kim Sang. The goal of the course was to design and build a basic natural language processing system in teams of about eight people.

The first session took place on Monday 9 January 2006, 14:15-16:00 in room E.151. The course had two meetings per week on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It lasted for four weeks (schedule).

The project description is available:

Registering for the course could be done via Studieweb.

The assessment of the course was based on an evaluation of the quality of:

  1. the bi-weekly progress presentations (20%)
  2. the code and design of the system (20%)
  3. the final project presentation (20%)
  4. the produced final report describing the project (40%)

This project has produced:

There is also a summary available of the course evaluation forms.


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