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An important goal of this index is creating an overview of the Gaston strips. André Franquin helped us a lot by numbering almost every strip. However, there are some problems with his main sequence. Some of the strips seem to be missing, other numbers occur twice and some older strips are unnumbered.

The basis for this index is the standard sequence that makes up the larger part of the fifteen books issued by the Dupuis publishing company. In the Dutch version, the strips in the books do not appear in the correct order. If we use the general notation Gxxx for the strip numbers we lack:

(last update: April 18, 1994) G013 (appeared in Robbedoes 1039 and we have two G015's), G016 (Robbedoes 1044), G017 (Robbedoes 1045?), G019, G020, G024, G035 (Lekturama 01 p053?, two G033's), G040, G046 (unnumbered Lekturama 01 p059?, Robbedoes 1073), G050 (Robbedoes 1078? (1/4 page)), G058 (two G057's), G060, G072 (Robbedoes 1105?), G073 (Robbedoes 1105? G075 (Robbedoes 1107?), G084 (Robbedoes 1116), G086 (Lekturama 01 p082 has no number, Robbedoes 1119), G089 (Lekturama 01 p084 has no number, Robbedoes 1123), G090 (Lekturama 01 p085 has no number, Robbedoes 1124), G091 (Lekturama 01 p085 has no number, Robbedoes 1125), G095 (Lekturama 01 p088 has no number, Robbedoes 1131), G096 (as above), G137, G214 (two 212's, also appeared in Robbedoes 1274), G222 (two 220's), G246 (Lekturama 02 p034 has no number, Robbedoes 1306), G256, G289 (two 288's), G290 (Lekturama 02 p064 has no number, Robbedoes 1349), G299 (Lekturama 02 p071 has no number, Robbedoes 1358), G303 (Robbedoes 1365), G349 (two G347's), G350 (two G348's), G377 (two G372's), G387 (two G385's), G616 (two G615's), G673 (Robbedoes 1733), G802 (Robbedoes 1879), G820, G824, G881.

The gaps in this sequence can probably be filled by looking up the strips in their original issues in the comics magazines Spirou and Robbedoes. Unfortunately I hardly have any copies of these magazine from before 1980, so I cannot perform that search myself. The Robbedoes links above are taken from a Dutch Franquin Index made by Hans Matla, Paul v.d. Linden en Reinolt Duerings. Anyone that help shorten this gap list is welcome (mail information to erikt(at)xs4all.nl ).

There are also about 28 advertisement strips.

bravo.brothers, g001, g002, g003, g004, g005, g006, g007, g008, g009, g010, g011, g012, g014, g015, g015b, g018, g021, g022, g023, g025, g026, g027, g028, g029, g030, g031, g032, g033, g033b, g034, g036, g037, g038, g038b, g039, g041, g042, g043, g044, g045, g047, g048, g049, g051, g052, g053, g054, g055, g056, g057, g057b, g059, g061, g062, g063, g064, g065, g066, g067, g068, g069, g070, g070b, g071, g074, g076, g077, g078, g079, g080, g081, g082, g083, g083b, g085, g087, g088, g092, g093, g094, g097, g098, g099, g100, g101, g102, g103, g104, g105, g106, g107, g108, g109, g110, g111, g112, g113, g114, g115, g116, g117, g118, g119, g120, g121, g122, g123, g124, g125, g126, g127, g128, g129, g130, g131, g132, g133, g134, g135, g136, g138, g139, g140, g141, g142, g143, g144, g145, g146, g147, g148, g149, g150, g151, g152, g153, g154, g155, g156, g157, g158, g159, g160, g161, g162, g163, g164, g165, g166, g167, g168, g169, g170, g171, g172, g173, g174, g175, g176, g177, g178, g179, g180, g181, g182, g183, g184, g185, g186, g187, g188, g189, g190, g191, g192, g193, g194, g195, g196, g197, g198, g199, g200, g201, g202, g203, g204, g205, g206, g207, g208, g209, g210, g211, g212, g212b, g213, g215, g216, g217, g218, g219, g220, g220b, g221, g223, g224, g225, g226, g227, g228, g229, g230, g231, g232, g233, g234, g235, g236, g237, g238, g239, g240, g241, g242, g243, g244, g245, g246, g247, g248, g249, g250, g251, g252, g253, g254, g255, g257, g258, g259, g260, g261, g262, g263, g264, g265, g266, g267, g268, g269, g270, g271, g272, g273, g274, g275, g276, g277, g278, g279, g280, g281, g282, g283, g284, g285, g286, g287, g288, g288b, g291, g292, g293, g294, g295, g296, g297, g298, g300, g301, g302, g304, g305, g306, g307, g307b, g308, g309, g310, g311, g312, g313, g314, g315, g316, g317, g318, g319, g320, g321, g322, g323, g324, g325, g326, g327, g328, g329, g330, g331, g332, g333, g334, g335, g336, g337, g338, g339, g340, g341, g342, g343, g344, g345, g346, g347, g347b, g348, g348b, g351, g352, g353, g354, g355, g356, g357, g358, g359, g360, g361, g362, g363, g364, g365, g366, g367, g368, g369, g370, g371, g372, g372b, g373, g374, g375, g376, g378, g379, g380, g381, g382, g383, g384, g385, g385b, g386, g388, g389, g390, g391, g392, g393, g394, g395, g396, g397, g398, g399, g400, g401, g402, g403, g404, g405, g406, g407, g408, g409, g410, g411, g412, g413, g414, g415, g416, g417, g418, g419, g420, g421, g422, g423, g424, g425, g425b, g426, g427, g428, g429, g430, g431, g432, g433, g434, g435, g436, g437, g438, g439, g440, g441, g442, g443, g444, g445, g446, g447, g448, g449, g450, g451, g452, g453, g454, g455, g456, g457, g458, g459, g460, g461, g462, g463, g464, g465, g466, g467, g468, g469, g470, g471, g472, g473, g474, g475, g476, g477, g478, g479, g480, g481, g482, g483, g484, g485, g486, g487, g488, g489, g490, g491, g492, g493, g494, g495, g496, g497, g498, g499, g500, g501, g502, g503, g504, g505, g506, g507, g508, g509, g510, g511, g512, g513, g514, g515, g516, g517, g518, g519, g520, g521, g522, g523, g524, g525, g526, g527, g528, g529, g530, g531, g532, g533, g534, g535, g536, g537, g538, g539, g540, g541, g542, g543, g544, g545, g546, g547, g548, g549, g550, g551, g552, g553, g554, g555, g556, g557, g558, g559, g560, g561, g562, g563, g564, g565, g566, g567, g568, g569, g570, g571, g572, g573, g574, g575, g576, g577, g578, g579, g580, g581, g582, g583, g584, g585, g586, g587, g588, g589, g590, g591, g592, g593, g594, g595, g596, g597, g598, g599, g600, g601, g602, g603, g604, g605, g606, g607, g608, g609, g610, g611, g612, g613, g614, g615, g615b, g617, g618, g619, g620, g621, g622, g623, g624, g625, g626, g627, g628, g629, g630, g631, g632, g633, g634, g635, g636, g637, g638, g639, g640, g641, g642, g643, g644, g645, g646, g647, g648, g649, g650, g651, g652, g653, g654, g655, g656, g657, g658, g659, g660, g661, g662, g663, g664, g665, g666, g667, g668, g669, g670, g671, g672, g674, g675, g676, g677, g678, g679, g680, g681, g682, g683, g684, g685, g686, g687, g688, g689, g690, g691, g692, g693, g694, g695, g696, g697, g698, g699, g700, g701, g702, g703, g704, g705, g706, g707, g708, g709, g710, g711, g712, g713, g714, g715, g716, g717, g718, g719, g720, g721, g722, g723, g724, g725, g726, g727, g728, g729, g730, g731, g732, g733, g734, g735, g736, g737, g738, g739, g740, g741, g742, g743, g744, g745, g746, g747, g748, g749, g750, g751, g752, g753, g754, g755, g756, g757, g758, g759, g760, g761, g762, g763, g764, g765, g766, g767, g768, g769, g770, g771, g772, g773, g774, g775, g776, g777, g778, g779, g780, g781, g782, g783, g784, g785, g786, g787, g788, g789, g790, g791, g792, g793, g794, g795, g796, g797, g798, g799, g800, g801, g803, g804, g805, g806, g807, g808, g809, g810, g811, g812, g813, g814, g815, g816, g816b, g817, g818, g819, g821, g822, g823, g825, g826, g827, g828, g829, g830, g831, g832, g833, g834, g835, g836, g837, g838, g839, g840, g841, g842, g842b, g843, g844, g845, g846, g847, g848, g849, g850, g851, g852, g853, g854, g855, g856, g857, g858, g859, g860, g861, g862, g863, g864, g865, g866, g867, g868, g869, g870, g871, g872, g873, g874, g875, g876, g877, g878, g879, g880, g882, g883, g884, g885, g886, g887, g888, g889, g890, g891, g892, g893, g894, g895, g895b, g896, g897, g898, g899, g900, g901, g902, g903, g904, g905, g906, g907, g907b, g909, g910

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