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Translated Gaston Lagaffe Story 891

Guust 891 a

Pruimpit: Where are the files for the next meeting? GUUST!

Pruimpit: Didn't you hear me calling?
Guust:    Shst! Manage your things without me. My cat is 
          asleep and I don't want to wake her.

Pruimpit: ***censored***
Guust:    Well, I never!

Guust 891 b

Pruimpit: If everyone around here had a cat on his lap,
          our magazine wouldn't appear very frequently.

Guust:    Gee. If all generals and admirals in the 
          world had a cat on their lap, I would be
          feeling a lot more secure!
Pruimpit: (Now what can you say to that?) 

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